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Do you have a question about TechDays?


It’s time to explore TechDays 2017
This is THE premier event in the Netherlands for anyone with a passion for technology. Plenty of tech enthusiasts come together over two days to learn, glean new knowledge, share best practices and, especially, to network. Our varied programme and range of settings mean that you will find what you are looking for at TechDays.
Why should I join?
Besides the more than 200 sessions of dedicated content, we offer a wide range of experiences; one-on-one sessions with speakers, event tracks with partners, workshops, hackathons, exam training and job coaching. A visit to TechDays forges a link with Microsoft and with all the other attendees, including our participating sponsors and our more than 120 world-class speakers from the Netherlands and abroad.
Who is speaking at the event?
Check out the “sprekers” page of this website for an overview of all speakers.  Click on a speaker to find out which sessions they will be presenting during TechDays.  All sessions specify the language that the presenter will give their session in, and in general, 60% of the content will be given in English.
And now you want a ticket…
Go to the “ticket” page and click on “Koop dit ticket nu”.  You will be redirected to a page where you can switch to English and choose the ticket you wish to purchase.
We look forward to seeing you at TechDays 2017!